Artisan Vendors





We are interested in distinctive artists and artisans of all types.  High quality, upscale antiques are also welcome.  Lease a year-round booth to showcase your goods or share booth space with another artist.  You do not have to be present at the booth for sales to occur.  A central cashier is provided.

From woodcarving to art glass to original artisan food carts, this is an opportunity to showcase your passion and skill.  Clover Village can help you reach cultural consumers with an appreciation for all things non-manufactured.  

We also welcome creations from repurposed materials such as salvaged wood and glass. These items have become very popular.  Artisans can use a booth at Clover Village to draw attention to their own websites, serving as a great marketing tool in the competitive online space.

Please fill out the short form below to show your interest in the marketplace.  The form is not a commitment.  Booth prices will be determined by the final location and more than one artist can share a booth. 

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